He won the Champions League and now he is a fisherman

Genes and fertility in one bottle.

A fishing boat worth millions of euros

The ocean is the second home of the Coentrau ancestors. The population of Portugal is in fourth place. live on the coast of the mainland or on the islands where Ronaldo is. Vasco Da Gama was Portuguese and helped Europeans find their way to India. His journey put Portugal on the world trade map, the oceans and seas fed Ronaldo's ancestors for centuries.

Centuries after great geographical discoveries, Coentrau decided he didn't want to be a coach or a TV pundit. However, Fabio did not take a long vacation after retiring at the age of 33. I didn't stir the mat as much, I didn't do suspended jumps, but I couldn't keep my form https://mostbet-az.info/ at the previous level. The last club of the Portuguese was Rio Ave.

The reporter ``Concentrau'', who has been seeing and angering Ronaldo since July, said. The so-called football has another profession. Coentrau is now a professional fisherman. Having fun like Ibrahimovi, Akinfeev, Zamora, or Beckham is a professional, not one with joints and joints. Fabio is involved in the reconstruction of a large fishing boat for two million euros. The Coentrau fishing boat always goes out to sea. The work is very hard. It is necessary to work at night, it is important to be able to search for fish with the help of locators. And then everything is as it was in the time of the Apostle Peter - the ocean, the net, success or failure.

The shores of the Atlantic Ocean are rich in fish, but humanity is gluttonous. VES actively monitors the non-destruction of natural resources. Fishing quotas are constantly being reduced. But Fabio is happy because Coentrau has continued the work of his father, who was a poor fisherman, for many years and his relatives work nearby. He plans to own ten ships in seven years.

Compared to Coentrau Maxwell

Ibrahimovi has a friend who travels with him from club to club. As a result, the Brazilian Maxwell collected a whole museum of trophies - before Dani Alves, he held the world record with 37 trophies with five different clubs. They also said about Coentrau that they keep him in Real Madrid, because he is friends with Ronaldo and is a client of Mendes. There were more Arrow fans in the Madrid dressing room. Coentrau was injured and he was replaced at the base by another friend of Ronaldo - Marcelo. However, the legendary Portuguese is best friends with Ricky Regufi, who was his personal assistant. And their lives are different. Unlike Cristiano, Fabio has not switched from one model to another. The wife and mother of his children was Andrea Santos, whom he met at someone else's wedding. They played fast, they have children - daughter Victoria and son Enrique.

Andrea does not flaunt her luxurious life and the work of plastic surgeons on social networks, she is quietly friends with her husband Pepe in Madrid. was doing Both have husbands of character. But the family influences Coentrau, and it was the children who suggested that he return to his native Rio Avenue for a while. However, Coentrau is a country boy, quite brazen in his assessments and actions.

Life in expensive Madrid and Monte Carlo is what didn't change. Mourinho quietly smoked a cigarette and immediately became angry. I was even ready to fight with Messi or Neymar, but not to lose. A lover of going to the sea does not differ in emotional stability. Fish is often not liked by the most balanced people, they subconsciously seek peace.

The same Fabio has a problem with the Sporting team, he broke the canopy when he sent the referee. he cried. Plus, he cried a few times, and maybe that behavior wasn't related to football, although the high pressure of the sport has always taken a toll on Coentrau. In Spain, he was sometimes harshly criticized. For example, the legionnaires of "Real Madrid" were included in the anti-team, although they played the best in this team.

But Fabio often sees that Marcelo, Di Maria, Ronaldo and Benzema around him are superior in terms of skill. No matter how much you are used to it, Angelotti's 2014 collection You will be a hero for the maximum period of time, as in a year. Fabio is emotionally upset. He left early because of this. Not physically tired, but mentally tired. Çarrows Çunderestimates the pressure that Champions League play-off level football puts on the psyche of ordinary boys who aren't made of steel.


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